Kamenica, Cemernica, Dicina, Despotovica and Gruza

Due to the several larger and numerous smaller river flows that make the hydrographic network of the Municipality, the catchment area is jagged, but not sufficiently rich in water. The most water flows belong to the catchment of the Sava River and Velika Morava River.The largest rivers of the Municipality are: the Kamenica River, Cemernica, Dicina River and Gruza River. The Kamenica River is formed by the Crna Kamenica and Bela Kamenica River. It”s basin is situated in Western part of the Municipality in the region of the Divcibare and Suvobor mountain.

The Cemernica River’s source is situated below the mountain Suvobor (Mokra pecina). It is formed by the Grab River and the Velika Bukovaca River. The Cemernica River is tributary of the Velika Morava River. It is formed by many tributaries and is fed by water from the Suvobor mountain.

The Dicina River is made up by theVelika Dicina River and Mala Dicina River. The River”s main source is situated below the Suvobor mountain. The Cemernica River is a right tributary of the Dicina River.

The Despotovica River ‘s main source is situated below the Rudnik mountain, in the west of the Cvijic”s peak. The Despotovica River basin covers parts of the mountain Rudnik, mountain Jesevac and mountain Vujan The river passes western parts of the Municipality and belongs to the Zapadna Morava River’s basin.

The Gruza River’s main source is situated in the southern slopes of the mountain Rudnik below the Veliki Vis peak. It is the tributary of the Zapadna Morava River.

In the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac there are few thermo-mineral spa resorts such as: Svrackovacka banja (spa), Mlakovac, Brdjanska banja and Savini izvori.