Gornji Milanovac
Gornji Milanovac is a city at the foot of mountain Rudnik

Gornji Milanovac is s a town and municipality located in the southwest of the Republic of Serbia. Initially the settlement that was to become Gornji Milanovac was located in the area of today”s village Brusnica. There was some discussion about the suitability of the site for a settlement.

By the decree of Knez Aleksandar Karadjordjevic in 1853. settlement was relocated to a place called “Divlje polje”.

The new settlement was named Despotovac, after the Despotovica river which runs through it. When Milos Obrenovic returned to the throne, he changed the name of town in Gornji Milanovac in the memory of his elder brother, Milan Obrenovic in 1859.The new town made progress rapidly, especially the economy, craft and trade.

In the World War I occupation, the population in Gornji Milanovac was exposed to war terror and crimes, while during the World War II the infrastructure was totally destroyed. Reconstruction of the city began after the war and lasted more than 10 years.

During the seventies and eighties of the 20th century Gornji Milanovac became exceptionally strong financial center. It had the nickname “Economy miracle.”

Companies and corporations were established two industrial zones ( in the South and South-West) were: Zvezda-Helios, Metalac, PIK Takovo, MK Rudnik (Fashion Stationery), FAD,( Automotive parts for all European cars) Tipoplastika( Plastics Paper products), Metal Seko, Graditelj ( Construction Company), Decje Novine (popular youth newspaper and publisher in SFR Yugoslavia.)