About us
The Tourist organization of the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac

Tourist organization of Gornji Milanovac was established in 2000, as the official public office. It is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the town, providing tourist information services and recommending improvements to the infrastructure and facilities for the growth of tourism.

Tourist organization of Gornji Milanovac is located in a modern fully equipped office at 3 Karadjordjeva Street , at the centre of town. There is Tourist Information Centre and a souvenir shop within the Tourist organization.

The friendly staff can offer helpful advice on where to stay and traveler information to help you make the most of your trip to Gornji Milanovac. You can pick up free brochures and maps and do shop at our souvenir shop. Fridge magnets, mugs, postcard, t-shirts, caps and other souvenirs made in Gornji Milanovac are available here.